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OCS Race The Thames Virtual 2024 Fundraising

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Learn more about LYR and the OCS Foundation

LYR helps over 5,000 young people each year fulfill their potential and build key life skills through rowing and other water sports. Our Active Row programme runs in 110 schools across London, Leeds, Nottingham and Kent.

The OCS Foundation tackles some of the causes and effects of poverty in society by developing the capacity and skills of socially and economically disadvantaged members of communities and protecting and improving the environment in which they live.

A woman is standing on a SUP board in the water.

LYR's programmes develop 5 key life skills in young people: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Aiming High, Leadership, Staying Positive.

A group of people sitting on top of a boat.

A SROI study of Active Row has shown significant benefits from participation for all key measures of mental wellbeing and resilience.

A group of young people standing next to each other.

66% of the young people we work with come from an ethnic minority and 10% have special educational needs or a physical disability.

One of OCS Foundation's core programmes, People into Work, provides positive outcomes for people with significant barriers to entering and succeeding in the workplace.

The Foundation has supported more than 180 people into sustainable work and provided over 5,000 hours of coaching and mentoring support.

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